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Manufacturer of Products and Equipment to the Agricultural Industry

Supplying the agricultural market for over 25 years, Paxton is a manufacturer of a wide range of agricultural products including feed troughs, drinking troughs, footbaths, sheep dips and dairy products. Our varied range includes equipment and products that are suited to either large farming operations or smallholder and hobby farmers.

Paxton also manufacture and supply a wide range of water storage tanks. The water tanks range includes designs for above ground or underground use, with volumes from 250 litres to 10,000 litres. Paxton's range of water tanks are also ideal for rainwater harvesting applications, helping you save money and the environment.

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  • Factory tour for farming club
    Factory tour for farming club

    Members of the Wiltshire Farming Club from Chippenham and Marlborough were given an insight into the production of Paxton agricultural products from sheep dips to feeding troughs.

  • Footbath Survives 81,000 Tramplings
    Footbath Survives 81,000 Tramplings
    Paxton Footbath Turns Out to be Good Investment

    A rotationally moulded plastic footbath from Paxton is reported to have been in regular use at Oak Farm in Cheshire for over 10 years during which time it has been trampled by the dairy herd three times a week in the winter months and twice a month during summer. With a herd of over 90 cows, this equates to more than 81,000 “tramplings” yet the Paxton FB4 footbath is virtually as good as new according to farmer Philip Brocklehurst.

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  • Paxton Events
    Paxton Events
    Paxton attend a variety of events throughout the year including national country shows and smaller roadshows. Paxton exhibited at the following shows this summer: The Royal Cornwall Show, The Royal Highland Show, The Great Yorkshire Show, The Royal Welsh Show.

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