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Footbath Doubles for Portable Pond

Footbath Doubles for Portable Pond

As with the majority of smallholders who keep ducks, Karen Keepence of Braintree was keen to rotate the birds in order to manage the pasture and avoid overgrazing. For this reason, constructing a permanent pond was inappropriate and the cost at £800 was prohibitive.

After months of searching to no avail, Karen called Smallholder magazine to seek advice and was referred to a small farm, which had been featured in an editorial. Contact with the farmer quickly ascertained that the portable bath was in fact a plastic footbath; more commonly used in the dairy industry.

Karen ‘googled’ footbath and was delighted to find that Paxton Agricultural supplied an extensive range, one of which she thought would be ideal for the purpose. The Paxton FB3 footbath selected measures 3 metres by over a metre and holds over 500 litres of water. It was duly delivered and took very little setting up according to Karen.

“The footbath is easy to clean and simple to move around to new pasture,” said Karen, “and it’s a huge hit with the ducks, which is probably more important!”

“We never envisaged such a use for our footbaths said Emily Cunningham of Paxton Agricultural but we’re pleased to have another happy customer with a happy badling of ducks.

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