Footbath Survives 81,000 Tramplings

Paxton Footbath Turns Out to be Good Investment.

A rotationally moulded plastic footbath from Paxton is reported to have been in regular use at Oak Farm in Cheshire for over 10 years during which time it has been trampled by the dairy herd three times a week in the winter months and twice a month during summer. With a herd of over 90 cows, this equates to more than 81,000 “tramplings” yet the Paxton FB4 footbath is virtually as good as new according to farmer Philip Brocklehurst.

A dairy cow produces at its optimum if she is healthy and feels comfortable. Proper preventive foot care is necessary in order to keep the cows feet in good health and a Paxton Footbath can play a vital role in preventing such diseases as interdigital dermatitis. The Paxton footbath is resistant to the commonly used formalin as well as the antibiotics and other treatments that may become necessary from time to time.

“Our Paxton Footbath is light to handle, easy to clean and most importantly it is very durable.” said Philip. “It has been stamped on repeatedly, winter and summer, for over ten years and still shows little sign of wear. I would call that a good investment”

The 309 litre capacity, Paxton FB4 Footbath is 3 metres long and has an anti-slip base and safe large radius corners with smooth edges.

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