Paxton’s footbaths help prevent harmful bacteria

Paxton Agricultural, a division of Leafield Environmental are proud to have manufactured and designed specialist agricultural products for over 35 years including their best-selling robust Footbath range designed to clean and prevent livestock from harmful bacteria.

Paxton’s footbath range has been designed in partnership with farmers to ensure the range is fit for purpose and can withstand any weather conditions.  Paxton understands that footcare is essential in order to keep livestock’s feet in good health condition and their footbath range plays a vital role in reducing the risk of diseases such as foot rot. 

The washing action of a Paxton footbath will remove damaging material from hooves, helping to prevent the build-up of dirt in the space between the cleats, where harmful bacteria can develop.  Paxton footbaths are available in five different sizes that are all light to handle, easy to clean and very durable. Made from UV stabilised medium density moulded polyethylene (MDPE).

The Paxton FB1 Footbath (180 litres) features an anti-slip base for safe and quick penetration of foot rot treatments.  It’s tough one-piece mould with smooth edges is easy to clean and handle and is resistant to all foot rot chemicals.

Dimensions: 2000L X 850W X 150H.

The Paxton FB2 Footbath (86 litres) is a traditional style footbath commonly used with formalin. Its ribbed base makes it safe for quick penetration of foot rot treatments. The tough one-piece mould can be linked together lengthwise for longer runs.  Dimensions: 3000L X 470W X 180L.

The Paxton FB3 Footbath (541 litres) and the FB4 Footbath (309 litres) are suitable for larger animals and features a safe smooth edge and are resistant to all foot rot chemicals.  Its robust one-piece unit is watertight, allowing it to be filled with water.  The FB3 Footbath has a ribbed base and the FB4 Footbath has an anti-slip base. FB3 dimensions: 3000L X 1100W X 240H and FB4 dimensions: 3050L X 915W X 150H.

The FB5 Footbath (700 litres) is the largest footbath featuring safe, large radius corners with smooth edges, anti-slip base and is resistant to foot rot treatments. Dimensions: 3150LX 1635W X 166H.

Paxton also has a popular range of round drinking troughs designed for large herds of beef cattle or dairy cows located in large open areas.  They have built in features that promote animal safety including smooth edges to prevent any damage whilst animals are drinking.  They come in a selection of different sizes from 675 litres to 2,046 litres.

For more information view our footbath range, round drinking trough range or contact us.