3P VF1 Combi Filter

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How It Works

  • Incoming rainwater is equally distributed across the cascade.
  • Larger dirt particles are washed directly to waste off the primary cascade.
  • Pre-cleaned water then flows over the finer secondary sieve unit (at 0.65mm). Because of the specialist filter structure, fine dirt is rinsed to waste, and washes out of the waste outlets.
  • The cleaned water flows into the collection tank.
  • Filtered out dirt is washed to waste.

The 3TP VF1 Rainwater Harvesting filter is a two step cleaning process within it and is highly efficient independent of flow rates. With the steeply inclined filter inserts, dirt is continually washed to the wastewater outlet. The cleaned water passes into a small collecting sump, where it is led to the storage tank.

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  • Housing Material: Polyethylene – Black
  • Weight: 6.2Kg
  • Overall Dimensions: W: 470mm, D: 490mm, H: 515mm
  • Pipe Connections:
    • 2 x Rainwater Supply Inlets DN100
    • 1 x Outlet to Storage DN100
    • 1 x Outlet to Waste DN100
    • 1 x Outlet (optional) to Top-up (DN50)
  • Preliminary Filter Cascade Material: Polyethylene
  • Filter Material: Stainless Steel
  • Filter Mesh 0.65mm

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