DHT1A Hay Soaker

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120 Litre Hay Soaker in a choice of three colours.



DHT1A Hay Soaker product features:

  • 120 litre capacity (DHT1A)
  • Frost protection with doubled skined body
  • Superior heat retention,ideal for steaming hay in areas with no electricity
  • Durable and hardwearing
  • Rounded profile for equine safety
  • One piece construction with smooth surfaces
  • Easy to clean
  • Maufactured using ‘food grade’ material giving a Hygienic suface
  • 38mm drain outlet including Plug
  • Quick draining
  • Haynets can be drained inside the product making it safer to carry
  • Mould-in legs reducing the lifting height of haynets
  • Plug chain is fixed to outer edge so that the user does not need to get wet


Livestock options: Horse


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